Revenue Cycle Solutions Software

The Application Service Provider Concept

Medi-Corp utilizes the ASP (application service provider) model of software delivery. With this concept, we purchase the hardware and maintain it at our datacenters. You have access to the software via the internet over a variety of high speed connection methods. The advantages you gain from this are many and include less cost, fewer headaches, fewer personnel, greater flexibility, immediate start-up, faster upgrades, better software support, access anywhere anytime, and the ability to tap into the multitude of additional services available on-line. This lets you concentrate on your practice, while we concentrate on your business. You always have the option of bringing in your own server at your site anytime you desire.

Software That Helps You Collect Your Data

Our software is tailored for both the multiple service, multiple site organization or a single site practice. For multiple site practices, information entered at one site such as appointment scheduling or patient demographic information is immediately available to view or edit at any of your other sites (depending on authorization levels of the staff).

The data is also immediately available to you or your authorized personnel that have remote access through a handheld, laptop or home PC. This setup will create virtual offices where your employees do not have to be onsite to access the system. This virtual office setup will allow you greater flexibility and keep you in touch no matter where you are.

Using our software allows you total control of your data while utilizing the processing systems, reliability and security of a larger organization. All backup, file maintenance, IT staffing issues and hardware concerns are our responsibility. You can now concentrate on your practice, while we concentrate on your business.

Track Your Data

Using our proprietary tracking, follow-up and collection module, the computer will build follow-up lists based on specific criteria or you can perform ad-hoc queries for tracking and working accounts. It will also monitor all payments received to ensure claims are being paid as expected. No longer will incorrectly paid charges or delinquent accounts fall thru the cracks as this module will keep track of every account in your system and monitor the accounts from inception to final payment.

We will Assist With Setup

We will assist your staff in obtaining all needed information to build the database that forms the foundation of the electronic medical billing software. This information includes all group and individual identification numbers (such as Medicare, Blue Cross, Medicaid, etc), a complete fee schedule as well as insurance and procedure information.

We can also assist your office with the setup of inexpensive high speed broadband access that will connect you and your office to the Internet and will support multiple users accessing the software. This “Broadband” access can be DSL, cable or even satellite (depending on price and availability in your area).

Revenue Cycle Software Pricing

We charge a monthly fee for the use of the software. This fee is based on the number of offices and users that will be accessing the software. Additional services are available and are priced depending on volume or type of service being offered.

Features of Our Revenue Cycle Management Software

Some of the features included in the software:

  • Data Dictionary
  • Patient Appointment Scheduling
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Patient and Transaction Entry (batch and real time)
  • Pre-Authorization Tracking
  • Claim Scrubbing Module
  • Notes/Reminder System based on Insurance, Transaction, Doctor
  • Patient Follow-up System (utilizing our proprietary TrackIt! module)
  • Payment Monitoring System by Insurance Carrier
  • Payment Appeal and Letter Writing System
  • Flexible Reporting System
  • Electronic submission to Medicare, Medicaid, WebMD, Express Bill, etc.
  • 837/835 ANSI Transaction Sets (EDIFECS certified)
  • HCFA and UB92 billing
  • Data Export
  • Data Import from Hospitals, Labs, etc. (HL7 compatible)
  • SQL and Query Capabilities
  • Decision Support System
  • Wireless/Email Notification System
  • Interface with Crystal Reports, Excel, etc.
  • Claim Eligibility and Status Checking (Certified by InstaMed)
  • All EDI Mapping Software Included

HIPAA and ANSI compliant

Contact or call 877-684-9114 for more information or a demonstration of the software.